No,TRNC Representative office does not deal any type of application without a prior appointment so first you should get an online appointment.
The TRNC Representative office does not entertain refunding of visa fee under any circumstance.
For the booking of your appointment, kindly visit the following link https://trncemb.com.pk/appointment.php choose the right visa category and book the appointment.
Yes, your appointment can be rescheduled through the following link: https://trncemb.com.pk/appointment.php .
The token number allows you to get your medical done and appointment booked on the same day. In case you do not have one and get your medical done, you cannot get your appointment booked on the same day.
For assistance please contact to your concerned university / sponsor / company / employer
In case of visa exemption letter expired, you have to reapply as a fresh candidate.
For attesting your documents you can visit TRNC Representative Office between 10:00 am to 11:00 am.
Please contact your concerned university for further assistance.