Tourist Visa Requirements

Main documents:

  1. Visa Application Form duly filled (, submitted on the online system, printed and signed by the applicant. (CNIC number, father and mother names, complete residential and host (if applicable) addresses are must).
  2. Recent Passport valid for at least 6-months. (Bring all the recent and previous passports along with a set of copies).
  3. Police Clearance Certificate in English. (Attested by the ministry of foreign affairs Pakistan).
  4. Valid National Identity Card photo copy.
  5. Employment Letter / company letter / sponsoring letter. Employment letter should be written on the company letter head or on stamp paper in English. (Attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan).
  6. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate & original bank statements. (Last six month bank account statements which are signed and stamped by the bank officer).
  7. Purpose of stay with solid reasons. (Cover letter by the applicant).
  8. Return flight booking copy (Confirmed).
  9. Accommodation Proof (if not staying in hotel). (Letter by sponsoring person, mentioning the stay of how many days and nights).
  10. Polio vaccination certificate.
  11. Family Registration Certificate. (Attested by the ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan).
  12. Visa Processing fee is PKR 6,000/- (Six Thousand Pak Rupee)

Note: All documents with original and same sized A4 photocopies.

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